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Mobile Counseling 
In 2015, Foundations for Franklin County founded the first mobile counseling office to reach outlying communities. We now help coordinate services for this program that offers no-cost counseling services for youth and their families, provided by Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

Mobile Counseling offers a safe, relaxing and therapeutic setting for youth and their families to receive services close to home. Our remodeled pull-behind Recreational Vehicle serves as a comprehensive mobile counseling office, and will be stationed at various locations where transportation to these services is preventing youth from receiving the help they need.
Does this sound like a child you know? 

   -Excessive absences from school
  -Struggling grades
  -Numerous discipline referrals at school or referrals to the Juvenile Office
  -Served In-school and Out-of-school suspensions

Very often, children experiencing these difficulties are also troubled in other areas of their lives. Problems in school can be symptoms of larger, underlying issues that need to be addressed. Getting help early can prevent the situation from worsening, and can help the child in achieving a successful future.  

Support from a counselor is often needed, but transportation and cost can make these services difficult to access.  

The Mobile Counseling Program can help.

For more information, contact us at 636-239-7652636-283-3655 or 636-239-7652